Value Added Service

Our objective is to add value to our clients and to be a trusted resource for our candidates. We are the most respected and valued firm in our field. We have achieved this status by bringing a winning attitude to everything we do, and operating with the highest moral and ethical standards. We strive to help every business contact make the most informed decisions, by communicating effectively and exceeding their expectations.

Custom Professional Approach

With the abundance of opportunities available today, Med Career Advisors strives to work with each of our candidates to identify which opportunities are best for them. Med Career Advisors' years of Healthcare IT experience and consultative approach helps candidates save time by focusing on the positions that are the best match financially, professionally and personally.

Who We Are


"Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way."

This quote from Booker T. Washington has always been a guiding principle for Med Career Advisors. Finding candidates for jobs in Healthcare IT is not rocket science, but with an acute supply problem in virtually every discipline, our clients have found that the person representing them in their search efforts is increasingly important. More often than not, traditional methods of recruitment and retention need to be augmented by the work of committed, professional search partners with access to candidates who cannot be found on job boards or by running ads in the Sunday paper.


Med Career Advisors' model stresses accountability and benefits from our vast, direct experience in difficult recruitment environments. Our founders have a combined 30+ years of healthcare IT Staffing experience and have worked with leading health systems, virtually every consultancy and vendor in the space.